Small Business Technology
How-To Video Series

We help you use small business technology easily, painlessly, and for wonderful effect. Instead of adding new people, add new and inexpensive technology.

You already own small business technology that can help you drive more productivity and profit.  The trick has always been getting the help to implement that technology - something that traditionally has only happened at bigger businesses because of the consulting costs involved.

Because we at Sweetview Partners are recovering nerds, we love technology.  What's more, we love helping small businesses utilize technology to get greater impact per employee for a pittance.

The video series below can help you use the powerful features in the small business technology you probably already own.

We're adding new videos every week, so keep checking back!

Rule Your Calendar
Video Series

In today's world, you're either working for your calendar or it's working for you.  This video series help you take charge of your Microsoft Outlook calendar and make it work for you.

Rule Your Calendar - Using Powerful Microsoft Outlook Calendar Like a Pro

In my time working in Information Technology for some of the largest and best known names in Corporate America, I learned that people live by their calendars and often that means they are beat up by them.

The reason that they live by their calendars is because it helps them make the most of their time with relatively little effort.  The great news is that Microsoft Outlook Calendars aren't big business technology or small business technology - it's just technology that can be used for very little cost by everyone.

This video series helps you to take control of your calendar and, by extension, take control of your life and productivity.

This video introduces 5 tips (plus 2 bonus tips!) to move from being beaten up by your calendar to taking control of your calendar.

Stick around for the final bonus tip - it is something I promise you'll use every day!

Now that you've gotten started in remaking your Outlook life to increase your efficiency, this video introduces 4 tips (plus 1 bonus tip!) to grab your calendar by the scruff of the neck and tell it what to do instead of being at it's mercy.

While you may have played with Outlook Categories in the past, these tips will help you squeeze the productivity juices out of them.

With Episode 3, you will learn how to use Planning Blocks on your calendar to ensure that you stay caught up with all of your work and are the most prepared for all of your meetings, which means that you get what you want more often.

Planning Blocks using Microsoft Outlook Calendar Categories is the difference between constantly being bounced around by meeting after meeting and knowing that you have time to complete your tasks.

With Episode 4, we move to protecting your personal life using the same tool that is destroying most peoples' work/life balance.  Using the simple techniques here, you can make sure that you have a personal life.  I've talked to everyone in your life and they all agree - you need a personal life!

Using Personal Blocks in your Outlook Calendar isn't rocket science - but it sure seems like magic once you get it implemented.

In Episode 5, the last episode in the Rule Your Calendar series, we hit the Microsoft Outlook Pro Tips.  These are the calendaring sprinkles on top of the Outlook whipped cream resting on your productivity ice cream which is melting on your career peach cobbler.

Stick around for the last tip, which helps you not be "that guy" who kills any meeting productivity and causes more meetings.