Trying to Arrange a Texas Small
Business Sale?

We Buy Texas Small Businesses!

What does Sweetview Partners do?  We arrange for fair Texas small business sales, install new management, sales, and processes, and grow them to the next level.

Are you looking for the years of hard work you've put into your Texas small business to pay off?  We can help if you meet our 3 basic qualifications.

The 3 Basic Qualifications for Texas Small Businesses We Want To Acquire

Texas Small Business Sale Qualification #1: Small (but not too small!) Business

Revenue numbers vary wildly from industry to industry, so defining the exact small business we're interested in isn't easy to do precisely.  In general, however, if your Texas small business has sales between $1 million and $20 million, we are probably interested in it.

Texas Small Business Sale Qualification #2: Business to Business

The vast majority of businesses we buy are business-to-business oriented.  That's not to say that we don't buy retail small businesses in Texas, but that sale is the exception rather than the rule.

Texas Small Business Sale Qualification #3: Profitable

We know that you've worked hard to turn a profit in your small business all of these years.  It is equally important to us.  If you've met Qualification #1 & #2 and are profitable, we should talk.

What We Do and Don't Do With The Texas Small Businesses That We Acquire?

In short, we operate the Texas small businesses that we acquire with an eye to growing sales and profits to the next stage.

Generally, that means that we put in someone knowledgeable in your small business' industry as a General Manager, we give him or her an ownership stake in the business, and s/he grows it to the next level.

For folks who have put years' worth of blood, sweat, and tears into their businesses, it is often equally important what we don't do with the Texas small businesses that you sell:

  • We Won't Rename Your Business - You've taken years to build your small business' name in the marketplace.  We see that as valuable and won't change the name to suit some whim. 

    The only exception to this rule is when your business is in an industry where we already have a business, in which case we would attach the small businesses together.  If this is our plan, we will tell you up front.

  • We Won't Lay Off a Huge Chunk of Employees - We get that you've spent a lot of years with the folks left in your Texas small business and don't want them hurt in the sale.

    We aren't looking to strip the assets out of any small business and lay off the employees.  We want to build, not destroy.  And the employees you have today are the ones who have made a success of your business, so it would be foolish for us to get rid of them.

  • We Won't Flip and Strip Your Business - The other thing that we're not looking to do to your Texas small business is to do the equivalent of those "house flip n' sell" shows: do a quick restructure, play games with the numbers, and flip it to some Globo-Co who will do some of the above.

    Our goal is to take a well-run Texas small businesses, arrange an equitable sale, put a General Manager in place, and build the management, sales, and processes so that it can grow rapidly.  In other words, take the small business to the next level.

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